Candy King Salt - Peachy Rings 30ml

Candy King Salt - Peachy Rings 30ml

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Peachy Rings - Candy King Salt E Liquid



Peachy Rings by Candy King Salt E Liquid will always make you feel better when you’re in a slump. This salt based nicotine tastes just like peach flavored sugary candy. Find your happy place with this salt e liquid when you fill your mouth with vapor smoke and its sweet flavor hits the back of your throat. Plus, its pleasant scent will shoo away the bad vibes coming from all directions. It's the springtime, the only pretty ring time or so you thought. The day was going so good, you met up with your significant other at the park, you got ice cream like you always do and walked along the pond to feed the ducks.


Every time they bend down to tie their shoes your heart skips a beat until finally, you reach a bench to sit down and gaze at the beauty around you. Suddenly the excitement wanes, you walk away crying inside knowing you wasted so much money the past few weeks getting your nails done. At least you know there's one thing that always makes you feel better, you call it your sugar-filled antidote. You go to the store and pick up these peach flavored candy rings like you have so many times before. You place a sugar candy ring on each finger and think to yourself if no one else will give you a ring you’ll buy your own. You buy three more bags because they’re delicious and you want to eat as many as can fit into your mouth until you start to feel better. You feel reassured as the sweet tinge from the candy swishes around in your mouth.


Don’t break your teeth the next time your heart gets broken and buy this salt based nicotine instead, it's called Peachy Rings by Candy King Salt E Liquid. Manufactured by the award-winning Candy King.



**This Product Content Contains Salt Based Nicotine**



Primary Flavors: Candy, Peach