Candy King Salt - Sour Worms 30ml

Candy King Salt - Sour Worms 30ml

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Sour Worms - Candy King Salt E Liquid

Try Sour Worms by Candy King Salt E Liquid we dare you! The flavor coming from this bottle of salt based nicotine is so sugary sweet you’ll pucker up once your mouth gets filled with smoke. Invigorate your senses with a rush of sugar when the smoke hits the back of your throat and watch as your vape smoke sparkles with sugar dust. When you were a kid only the strongest could survive stuffing a bag full of these candies in your mouth. If only everyone could see you now filling your mouth with this powerful flavor. One puff of this e liquid will make you feel like the superhero you really wanted to grow up to be.


The superhero with the power to eat as much candy as they want. You always thought as a child that when you got older there would no one to tell you what you can and cannot eat. How twisted your fate has become because now it is yourself telling yourself not to eat certain foods because your stomach will hate you for it. Remember how you dreamed of going to the candy store and making it rain by buying all the candies you never got to eat because you’d be a millionaire. Boy were you wrong! If only someone could have told you sooner to appreciate your digestive system at the time.


Plus, how come you're not a millionaire! You did always think it was strange how adults never seemed to waste their money on candy every time they got paid. At least while you’re enjoying the flavor of this sour worm flavored salt based nicotine vape juice you can dream about going back in time and warning younger you of the perils and lies of the future. Manufactured by the award-winning Candy King.



**This Product Contains Salt Based Nicotine**



Primary Flavors: Candy, Fruit