Candy King Salt - Lemon Drops 30ml

Candy King Salt - Lemon Drops 30ml

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Lemon Drops - Candy King Salt E Liquid



If you like lemons you’ll love this lemon-flavored salt e liquid because Lemon Drops by Candy King Salt E Liquid tastes like biting into a sour hard candy sprinkled with sugar dust. When life gives you lemons put them in the fridge and enjoy the flavor of this salt based nicotine vape juice instead. It all started when the original queen bee dropped her album named after everyone's favorite summertime drink.


Ever since then you’ve been embracing the fierce side of you. Bring more of that intensity out when you take a pull out of this salt e liquid. When it fills your mouth with smoke you’ll drop to your feet, then you’ll get back up again to do it all over again.Try a salt e liquid that will serenade you just like each song from your favorite album. More than another fruit, the lemon perfectly symbolizes your new lifestyle. You’re tired of being the nice guy, it feels like walking in a vast minefield with no end in sight. At any second you may detonate with stress. Rise above all the stress on a peaceful soft cloud that you created yourself with your vapor smoke instead. Its scent alone will make you feel like your floating. When you come back down you’ll be brand new and ready to start a new journey.


The lemon doesn’t try to appease taste buds with a yummy sweet flavor and yet its super sour taste has only made this fruit more desirable. Ultimately, the lemon is validation for everyone that its ok to be yourself, you might become the most popular summer beverage or a hit record someday. This salt based nicotine vape juice will turn your life around a full 360 so purchase Lemon Drops by Candy King Salt E Liquid today. Manufactured by the award-winning Candy King.



**This Product Contains Salt Based Nicotine**


Primary Flavors: Lemon, Candy