Cookie King - Lemon Wafer - 100ml

Cookie King - Lemon Wafer - 100ml

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Lemon Wafer - Cookie King E Liquid

Sweet, light and fresh, this cookie is perfect for those of us who want a dessert flavor that isn't too heavy or rich but still retains that wonderful flavor that we dream about. Lemon Wafer has got everything you want and more for a day to day blend that will have your cravings crushed and your taste buds not feeling overwhelmed. You know how it is when you have a list of new years resolutions that are all things that you want to accomplish so badly but its overwhelming. One of the most difficult of those goals to adhere to is healthy eating, we have to eat, there's no getting around that and making the right choices can be hard, especially on those stressful days where nothing seems to go your way.


You can feel confident in your choice of this wonderful vape juice blend from Cookie King E Liquid to come to your rescue and give you those delicious flavors that you crave without adding even a single calorie into your routine. It's crazy that we are now able to do this, who would have thought that we would have the technology to enjoy the flavors of all of our favorite foods without having to actually eat them! Vaping is pure magic and when you pour a delicious, well made juice into your tank, it will have you believe that miracles can happen after all! This blend, in particular, takes a crisp, crunchy wafter style cookie and infuses loads of vibrant lemon flavor into them for a unique taste that will have you reaching for it all of the time. So give yourself a break and have some yummy vapor uplift your mood.

Primary Flavors: Lemon, Cookie, Wafer

PG/VG: 30/70