Envii – Fitt Starter Kit Refills (2 pack 3.2ml) 18mg
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Envii – Fitt Starter Kit Refills (2 pack 3.2ml) 18mg

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Envii’s FITT Ultra Portable Pod System is one of the first systems of this class to feature dual mode activation that allows for either a draw to fire or a button activated firing system, paired with one of the most extensive portfolios in e-liquid to create a robust platform perfect for travel. Designed and ruggedized to be transported and carried with a lanyard or keychain, the FITT features a ultra compact form factor with a rounded design that is comfortable to hold. The FITT features two modes of activation, with a draw activated fire that provides convenience and ease of use as well as a button activated control for a more precise and traditional method of use. The FITT utilizes a direct voltage based output powered by a rechargeable 650 mAh built in battery. A large LED indicator provides input regarding general use and battery life, and can be deactivated in stealth mode for more discreet use. The FITT Liquid Pod System packs in a 3.2ml capacity and is prefilled from a variety of the vape industry’s leading e-liquid brands (see Fitt Pod Sets below for details of each kit). The FITT system utilizes a proprietary plug and play connection that is inserted through the magnetized pod door, with the side by side design of the FITT allowing for a shorter profile as compared to other competitors in this market segment. Combining an ergonomic and travel friendly design with a robust output system and a broad backing of popular flavors, Envii’s FITT Pod System positions itself as one of the most well rounded pod based platforms available today.

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  • Cannoli Be One by Cassadaga
  • The Milk by Teleos
  • Krankberry by Fuzion
  • Kiberry by Kilo
  • EZ Duz It On Ice by Ruthless
  • Pistachio RY4 by Charlie Noble
  • VCT by Ripe Vapes