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BCB Big Cheap Bottle Apple 120ml

BCB Apple takes a granny smith apple and slices it up to then dip it into the stickiest and sweetest caramel you’ll...

BCB Big Cheap Bottle Donut 120ml

BCB Donut pairs a delicious glazed donut with a cereal topping to provide you with a heighten sense of sweetness combined with...

BCB Big Cheap Bottle Gummies 120ml

BCB Gummies takes us on a thrill ride back to the candy gummies we have all enjoyed. A handful of gummy...

BCB Big Cheap Bottle Strawberry 120ml

BCB Strawberry is phenomenal blend of vanilla, ice cream, and the ripest strawberries you can find in any vape. True to...

Cream Pop 120ml

Creamy, vanilla bean ice cream and orange sherbet popsicle straight from the ice cream truck! 120 Cream Pop is your...

The 120 - Blue Razz Gummy Worms

Sweet Blueberry and Tart Raspberry Gummy Worms 

The 120 - Blueberry Muffin

Freshly baked and full of Plump, Ripe, Juicy Blueberries and topped off with a sweet glaze.   

The 120 - Frosted Tropics

A refreshing combination of sweet Tropical Fruits with a burst of Cool Menthol

The 120 - Grandma's Pound Cake

A decadent all Butter Poundcake drizzled with a zesty Lemon glaze

The 120 - Strawberry Cream Puff

A light and flaky Pastry full of fluffy Whipped Cream and juicy, sweet Strawberries topped off with a Strawberry Syrup...