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NUMRLS eliquid - N.1 - 30ml

Enjoy a savory, sweet and creamy tobacco blend that will truly enhance your palate.  70% VG 

NUMRLS eliquid - N.5 - 30ml

An irresistible combination of a creamy custard with a rich boldness of almond flavor.  70% VG 

Taffy Man eliquid - H2Oberry - 30ml

A surge of watermelon with soft undertones of strawberry taffiness. 70% VG Ships from our warehouse - Florida

Taffy Man eliquid - TR4BLU - 30ml

Blue Raspberry Taffy. 70% VG Ships from our warehouse - Florida

Taffy Man eliquid - Gr8pe - 30ml

Experience a taste that I'll make you think you're sinking your choppers into a massive slab of grape taffy. 70%...

Taffy Man eliquid - B1G APL - 30ml

B1G APL by Taffy Man is your favorite green apply taffy bottled up and ready to go. It's the latest...

Taffy Man eliquid - K3NANA - 30ml

Taffy Man does it again, this time they bring us a heavy on the banana candy flavor with a taffy...

ANML Vapors - Carnage - 30ml

Created by the world-renowned mixologist and gastronomic-genius behind Phillip Rocke Grand Reserve and Gemini Vapors, ANML's line of artisanal-grade liquid...

ANML Vapors - Fury - 30ml

ANML skillfully mixes creativity and ingenuity, combining a blissful Sugar-Frosted cereal taste that's smothered in Premium Whole Milk. Fury E-Juice...

Apex Eliquid - Duval's Delight

Straight from Key West! This bright and flavorful yet rich and creamy mix will have you convinced you're walking down...

Apex Eliquid - Fluffernutter

A modern twist on a classic! Ours is crafted with the fluffiest, fire-teased marshmallow and creamy pistachio. 89% VG

Apex Eliquid - Fruit Forward

An in-your-face blend of strawberries, pear, melon, and a top-secret fruit that you'll never be able to guess ;)  76%...

Apex Eliquid - Happenstance

Our constant effort toward avant-garde creations bring you this: An exotic creamy vape with layers of black currants and fresh...

Apex Eliquid - Nana's Nut Bread

A smooth cinnamon custard topped with caramelized banana and walnuts. 85% VG

Apex Eliquid - Pink Rain

A tropical mix of pink guava, grapefruit, and a myriad of other delectable tropic treats. 89% VG

Apex Eliquid - Strawyum

A ultra creamy Strawberry Milkshake with a dash of yum. 82% VG

Five Pawns eLiquid - Absolute Pin

Intense complexity of Irish cream, cinnamon spice, and caramel with subtle absinthe undertones. Lively and with a medium to full...

Five Pawns eLiquid - Queenside

Delicate blood orange with creamy French vanilla. Light yet creamy citrus with a medium bodied throat hit. .

Adope Life eJuice - Skylight

Sour Blueberry Lollipop Flavored 70% VG

Atmosphere Liquid - Aurora

Mango and papaya with a hint of coconut and 2 of our favorite tropical fruits.  75% VG

Atmosphere Liquid - Mesos

Toasted graham cracker, marshmallow and milk chocolate. You'll want S'more  75% VG

Atmosphere Liquid - Stratos

Artistically created flavor that screams blueberry with a creamy after taste.  75% VG

Atmosphere Liquid - Thermos

Mirrored after the infamous drink, Arnold Palmer. It will have you screaming "FORE" more. 75% VG

Atmosphere Liquid - Tropos

Pineapple's and peach's blended together just right. 75% VG

Babilion Elixir - Cinnba

A fresh take on the Spanish Donut 70% VG 

Babilion Elixir - Irie

An extravagant dessert filled with a mix of blueberries and strawberries 70% VG

Babilion Elixir - Kaya

A new spin on the famous RY4 with a twist of toffee 70% VG

Babilion Elixir - Rafiki

A mouthwatering strawberry banana smoothie 70% VG

Babilion Elixir - Scaramel

A head rush of salted caramel ending with a kick of vanilla custard 70% VG

Berry Flaks Premium E-Liquid

Wake & Vape a bowl of corn flakes and fresh strawberries soaking in Milk.  70% VG

Bio Juice - Bigfoot

Woodsy mix of squash, custard, and tobacco. .

Bio Juice - Citrus Crisis

Lively and energizing citrus experience. .

Bio Juice - Rule Breaker

Soothing fruit and cucumber tea.

Bio Juice - Starberry

Creamy blend of strawberry and starfruit. .

Blue Falcon E-Juice - Fobbit

Fresh banana smoothed out with toasted marshmallows. .

Blue Falcon E-Juice - Grid Square

Juicy sweet peach topped off with crumbly cobbler. .

Blue Falcon E-Juice - Head Space

Blueberry, raspberry and other sweet subtleties. .

Blue Falcon E-Juice - Timing

Blueberry, raspberry and other sweet subtleties with a touch of mint. .

Crushing eLiquid - Mammoth

Vanilla pound cake infused with mixed berry frosting. MAX VG .

Crushing eLiquid - Rhino

Vanilla bean frozen yogurt with creamy pistachio swirl. MAX VG .

Crushing eLiquid - Tiger

A fruity concoction of sweet berries and melons with creamy undertones. MAX VG .

Fogging Awesome eJuice - Aurora

Rainbow sherbet MAX VG

Fogging Awesome eJuice - Isabella

Lemon poppy seed MAX VG

Fogging Awesome eJuice - Jasmin

A blend of bananas and strawberries  MAX VG

Fogging Awesome eJuice - Penelope

Peaches and cream layered MAX VG

Fogging Awesome eJuice - Scarlett

Peanut butter and honey MAX VG

Fogging Awesome eJuice - Sydney

Strawberries and cream MAX VG

Guerrilla eJuice - Almendron

Vanilla bourbon roasted almonds 60% VG

Guerrilla eJuice - Batido

Strawberry banana smoothie 60% VG

Guerrilla eJuice - Cafe Cubano

Dark Roasted Cuban Espresso 60% VG

Guerrilla eJuice - Cayo Coco

Pina Colada 60% VG

Guerrilla eJuice - Polvoron

Cinnamon sugar Cookie 50% VG

Guerrilla eJuice - Revolta

Malted Caramel Banana Nut Bread 50% VG

Guerrilla eJuice - Sierra Maestra

Sweet & Creamy cafe latte 60% VG

High Heat eJuice - Candie Flip

A delicious all day vape reminiscent of one of our favorite corner store candies Swedish Fish. .

High Heat eJuice - Train Wreck

Watermelon Strawberry Sucker. 70% VG

MYLK by Brewell Vapory - Original

Deliciously condensed milk flavor. 70% VG

eSnaxx eJuice - Cinnamon Crunch

Cinnamon crunch. 80% VG

eSnaxx eJuice - Purple Drank

Grape Soda MAX VG

eSnaxx eJuice - Rice Crispy Vape

Tastes just like homemade rice crispy squares. 80% VG

eSnaxx eJuice - Wormz E-Liquid

Gummy worm flavored eliquid MAX VG 

Above The Clouds - Chicken

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Who cares when this sweet and creamy berry blend is this good....

Above The Clouds - Ostrich

You'll love this delicious take on a sweet tropical fruit mix. MAX VG

Above The Clouds - Peacock

This vape is a delightful blend of apple, strawberry and happiness. MAX VG

Above The Clouds - Penguin

You'll definitely have happy feet when you vape Penguin - a smooth, candied, Red Bull and menthol vape. MAX VG...

Alloy Blends E-Juices - Etched

Mouthwatering, refreshing, yet creamy infused blend of lemon and orange. Walking a fine line between fruit and dessert.

Alloy Blends E-Juices - Fracture

Very creamy, true to life peanut butter flavor, expertly blended for extra smoothness and complexity.

Alloy Blends E-Juices - Lustor

Layered, deep and extravagant, a delicious waffle cone dessert flavor mixed with fresh cream.

Alloy Blends E-Juices - Velocity

Mixed apple blend with other underlying notes throughout. Crafted as an indulgent rich taste that's reminiscent of a Dutch apple...

Alloy Blends E-Juices - Vented

A very complex, earthy and balanced mix, it is a light well blended vanilla tobacco.

Beantown Vapor - Oh-Face

Butt smackin' creamy, ripe strawberries with additional complexity that will surely keep you guessing. Some say it tastes like Strawberry...

Beantown Vapor - Soul Custardy

This is V2 of our custard. It's a very smooth and flavorful vanilla custard with very subtle bourbon, graham racker...

Ben Jonson's Awesome Sauce - Cream

Revisit your younger years as you relish in this impeccable savory blend of milk chocolate pastry and smooth, creamy vanilla....

Ben Jonson's Awesome Sauce - Morning Dew

Savor the moment with the tart, semi-sweet taste of citrus backed by subtle notes of luscious blueberry. 70% VG

Ben Jonson's Awesome Sauce - Schooner

Warm angel food cake topped with a lemon glaze. 70% VG

Ben Jonson's Awesome Sauce - Snickelfritz

Tantalize you're taste buds with an aromatic blend of tangy kiwi, succulent watermelon and juicy peach. 70% VG

Boosted E-Liquid - Boosted

Some say it taste like a strawberry milkshake. However, it's constantly becoming known for changing flavor. 60% VG

Boosted E-Liquid - Wastegate

Raspberry cheesecake, vanilla ice cream with fresh raspberries and raspberry puree! 60% VG

Brewell Vapory - Brew #72 Lemon Layered Cake

A Moist, Spongy Lemon Cake Layered With a Slight Tart Glaze and a Sweet, Delicate Frosting  60% VG

Charlie's Chalk Dust eJuice - Drama Swirl

Apricot glazed golden pastry. 70% VG

Charlie's Chalk Dust eJuice - Honey Badger

Honey brushed tobacco leaves with smooth cream. 70% VG

D Squared Premium E-Liquid - #Hashtag

A delicious and savory blackberry cobbler treat.  

Fu Man Brews eJuice - Charles Dinsmore RESERVE

Turkish tobacco, vanilla bourbon and toasted almond - double casked with subtle hints of coconut and bakery undertones for a...

Fu Man Brews eJuice - Kanpai!

A term used to toast when drinking sake, kanpai is a deliciously satisfying blend of white grape and lychee sake. ...

Fu Man Brews eJuice - Mosura

This refreshing summer drink combines the flavors of strawberries, watermelon, and lime juice, to create the perfect sweet and tart...

Fu Man Brews eJuice - Sake Swish

An oriental twist on a tobacco sensation. Similar to everyone's favorite cigarillo, it offers that sweet tobacco taste every aficionado...

Fu Man Brews eJuice - Tokyo Banana

Natural banana puree with tropical highlights enclosed in a light sponge cake. Nana cream chasers and tropical enthusiasts, welcome to...

GQ Vapes - Kiwi Berry Dreamin'

Vanilla bean ice cream mixed with light notes of kiwi and tropical berries 70% VG

GQ Vapes - The KLP

Key lime pie with a soft graham cracker finish 70% VG

GQ Vapes - Venice Peach

Fresh strawberry smoothie swirled with juicy peaches and a scoop of cream 70% VG

GQ Vapes - West Coast Frappe

French vanilla cappuccino with a hint of hazelnut and caramel cream 70% VG

Hemlock Vapor Co - Almond Bartlett

Complex blend of sweet bartlett pears with a natural unsweetened almond after taste! 70% VG

Hemlock Vapor Co - Banana Nut Muffin

Freshly baked and subtly sweet banana blend with a wholesome muffin taste! 70% VG

Hemlock Vapor Co - Keylime Tart

Sweet lime inhale with a creamy after taste that adds a hint of graham cracker crust to your pallet! 70%...

Hemlock Vapor Co - Lemon Glaze Shortcake

Subtle lemon zest cake far from overpowering with a sweet sugar glaze exhale 70% VG

Hemlock Vapor Co - New Age Tobacco

Classic bold tobacco flavor mellowed out by a smooth hint of organic honey. 70% VG

Hold Fast Vapors - Davey Jones Locker

Take a trip to the tropics with this amazing blend of pineapple, mango and berry.

Hold Fast Vapors - Jaws

A classic jawbreaker that will leave your mouth watering.

Hold Fast Vapors - Mutiny

Crisp pears and sweet berries topped with cream.

Hold Fast Vapors - Pirates Bounty

Strawberry and banana twisted together with a little bit of cotton candy.