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Drip Factory - Heavenly Haze - 90ml

This chewy white gummy is bursting with sweet and mellow pineapple flavor !

Drip Factory - Peachy Pipes - 90ml

Get ready to blow vape rings as perfectly round as thier gummy peach counterparts !!

Drip Factory - Sweet Silos - 90ml

Sparkly suger crystals coat every wedge of watermelon gummy goodness !

Bam Bam Cannoli - Captain Cannoli

One cereal covered cannoli just isn't enough. We thought we'd give you one more of your favorite childhood cereals rolled...

Bam Bam Cannoli - Original

This isn’t your grandmas cannoli….Bam Bam’s Cannoli is key lime filling rolled in a layer of your favorite fruity cereal,...